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At-Home Drills

Hello All:

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.  At some point baseball will rise again. I have put together some basic drills that can be done at home. These drills train the proper movements in sequential order. If you can master the movements, the swing will follow suit. These simple drills will also help you to cognitively understand the mechanics of the swing as to promote self-coaching.
Add these drills to your daily routine.

-Coach Gatti

Drill #1: PVC Pipe Stride-Stop

Drill #2: Bat Stride-Stop

Drill #3: PVC Pipe Stride-Turn

DRILL #4: PVC Stride-Turn-Hit

DRILL #5: Bat Half Turn

DRILL #6: PVC 3/4 Turn

DRILL #7: Bat 3/4 Turn

DRILL #8: Lead Arm Frisbee Toss